A t-shirt has become the go-to attire for all of us. Whether it is a casual party, orientation day at the college, grocery shopping, or beach day. T-shirts have become a favorite of many, and so is the trend police!

You may be surprised that what is trendy about a t-shirt? It is just a print on a cloth. But unfortunately, if you don’t want to get caught in an awkward moment of a miss-match in the color combination of your tee, then you must follow the trend rules. (And… Yes, we are serious!)

The Trend Police Rules

We do not want you to get overwhelmed with the name, but trend police are for your help. There are not many but two basic rules for color combining your t-shirts.

1. Conventional Rule:

Go for the typical, traditional, and common combination of colors that are largely accepted by the public that they think – go well together. The best thing about this rule is that you do not have to worry much as the set combinations are orthodox and have been in the fashion market for a long time. These combinations won’t make you feel odd and will keep you looking good always.

2. Unconventional Rule:

Are you confused? Don’t sweat! Unconventional or rather less conventional rule talks about the color combination that is out of the box. These combinations are different, eccentric, progressive, quirky, original, and exceptional. They make you stand out and crave respect from the trend police. These color combinations are not ordinary and therefore attract a lot of attention from the public. So, if you are one of the shy ones, you may want to stick to the conventional combination.

Talking enough about the rules, it is time to check ideas for killer color combinations for your custom tee!

10 Surprising T-shirt Color Combinations

Conventional Combinations

1. White and Blue:

This is the combination that shows sophistication. Blue is a calm color and combining it with white gives it a soothing result. You can wear this combination to the beach where there is water to replicate the sea and to a casual meet with friends where it says that you are the calm one.

White and Blue T-shirt

2. Black and Grey:

Super easy to spot. You may have noticed many t-shirts in this combination. It is one of the oldest and most sought-after t-shirt color combinations to look for. This combination can be worn on several occasions like a Friday night club hopping or during chilly days. Dark color soaks in the heat to keep you warm and stylish.

3. Yellow and White:

This combination is one of our favorites for a reason. Yellow is a fresh color and makes you look fresh all day long. And white is a super neutral color that looks so good with yellow. This is one combination that makes you crave for more. And we just love it!

4. Red and Black:

Two super colors that fantastically complement each other. Black is an orderly color, while red is vibrant and bold. Combining these two makes you look brave, neat, and smart all at once. It is a color combination that defines the beauty of combining two dark themes. A must-have for the young at heart fashionistas!

Red and Black T-Shirt

5. Black and White:

Sounds kind of cliched, but this is one of the best combinations and, personally speaking, one of the best we saved for the last. The black and white combination is so much cooler than it sounds because anyone can pull it off. It is a go-to for any event. Whether it is a party, first day at college, or outing with friends, it is a combination that never goes out of fashion and is loved by all of us. And we are sure you have one such tee in your wardrobe that has this combination. And you can never go wrong with having more of this combination in your collection.

Unconventional Combinations

1. Green and Pink:

Green is an earthy color, and pink is playful. Combining these two gives you a combination that is thoughtful, fun, quirky, and chic. Teaming this combination with different denim bottoms will make you look so trendy and smart that we are awestruck by just imagining it.  Go try it!

Green and Pink T-Shirt

2. Olive and Gold:

Do you remember seeing this combination? Think-think. Let’s give you a clue… check in your kitchen. (Ha-Ha). It may sound funny at first, but it will all make sense when you start to think deeply. This combination is easily visible on the olive oil containers. This is the most common combination because it sells well. And that’s what we are saying. This combination will sell well. So, if you are up for some eccentric color combination, you must have this in your wardrobe.

3. Orange and Yellow:

Both are hot colors and resemble vibrance. Combining these two will definitely turn heads and in a good way. This is a classic yet non-conventional combination because pulling it off is sometimes trickier than you might imagine. If you are an introvert, this may not be the best combination for you. However, if you like the limelight, go for this combination.

4. Black and Silver:

Oh! This is what we were waiting to talk about. This is a killer combination of them all. Perfect for event nights, we recommend you to have this in your wardrobe. It is glittery and smart. So complete in itself, you can wear this to any party and be the start of the night. Don’t believe us? Try it, and you will not regret it!

 5. Purple and Yellow:

These are complementary colors (not kidding). They truly are complementary colors on the color wheel and your t-shirt designs. This is one of the best ones because it pushes your personality to stand out. Both these colors, when combined, give a royal look. We suggest that it is a must-have for the bold style icons.

These were the best t-shirt color combinations that we think will definitely work for different occasions. It is always best to keep extra handy so that you never run out of designs and combinations.

And as we know that you are so thrilled after reading about the combinations, we would like to add a few extra combinations just for you that you will not find in any book.

Special Color Combinations

Primary Color Overload

If nothing else works, grab the primary colors. RYB: Red, Yellow, and Blue are the true primary colors, and they represent exemplar hues rather than specific hues which makes them easy to combine. These colors will never fail you, and while you are just thinking about how to pull it off, we suggest you stick to the original style and let the colors do the magic.

Rainbow Colors

When you are overwhelmed with color options, the best is to take all colors that you want in your tee and put them in a mixing jar. And blend! This is called rainbow combination, where you put different colors together to see if they work. And more often than you think, they work. The mix of colors gives you a feeling of completeness and elegance.

Light and Dark

Lastly, we would love to suggest what we call a savior. Why? Because this is one combination that is for the ones who are not quick in deciding or like to keep it extremely simple. This combination is very easy to spot, yet nobody pays special attention too. So, if you like to keep it light, this is your combination. This can be green and greener or camel brown and tan brown. The choice is up to you.

Now, as you know how many different color combinations there are, we suggest you mix and match and get your custom tee as you like. There is no way to really think what can be a good combination, and it can be that you want something absolutely out of the cards. For the same reason, we say you do not care much. Wear what makes you feel confident and enjoy your creativity on your custom t-shirt print.