There are two kinds of people in the world. The first type of person is the one who gets up in the morning and picks up absolutely anything (!) to wear from the cupboard irrespective of the color, comfort, and confidence. And then there is the second type, who make it a point to stay comfortable, confident, and cheerful throughout the day in what they choose to wear.

Now you may be wondering why this matters? A simple explanation is that we firmly believe that wearing trendy clothes boosts your confidence and morale. It not just makes you look poised but also elevates positivity. Comfortable clothing additionally makes you look cool and appreciated amongst your peers.

Now speaking of trendy clothes, we must not forget to mention the most current trend of tri-blend t-shirts.

Oh, come on! Stop the guesswork already. We are here to clear all the doubts. So let’s see what this is all about.

What Is A Tri-blend T-shirt?

Well, we assume that you already know by the name itself that it has something to do with a blend of three (tri) materials. But can you guess why just three materials or which three materials?

If you explore the vast internet world, you will know that there are mainly three types of material (namely), Cotton, Polyester, and Rayon used to make these custom tees. To give you a more in-depth knowledge (and please don’t call us studious, but…), a regular t-shirt is made of 100% cotton. These are very comfortable but have limitations like they take a lot of time to dry, or they are sometimes not very comfortable to be worn throughout the day.

And therefore, we introduce the new fashion material with a blend of the best materials for the most comfortable wear. (And trust us, once you know the advantages of this fabric, you will never go back to anything else.)

A tri-blend tee combines 50% polyester, 25% cotton, and 25% rayon which makes them softer, breathable, and fancy!

Tri-blend T-shirt

Why Cotton, Polyester, And Rayon in Tri-Blend T-shirts?

If one has to make a difference, it has to be the best. So, tri-blend fabric material offers the finest that cotton, polyester, and rayon can propose in an ever-changing fashion world.

Fabric Material 1: Cotton

Cotton, as we all know, is highly durable and breathable. Especially for summers as it absorbs sweat and keeps the material light on our body. It is one of the best clothes for summers and winters alike as it keeps the warmth intact while keeping it breezy for your skin to breathe. And we all know that cotton is considered one of the most durable fabrics with a long lifespan.

Fabric Material 2: Polyester

Polyester, as we know, is a dry-wicking fabric and it boasts of low moisture regain properties. Remember how most sportswear is made using polyester because it excellently absorbs the moisture, but instead of retaining it, it evaporates quickly. Keeping your clothes dry and thus preferred by most sportswear manufacturers.

Now using the same properties here, tri-blend polyester is used for its quick-drying properties. Also, since it is used as a sports material, it is a highly durable fabric and increases the life of your custom tee. Now, we guess you are almost convinced but wait till you hear about it…

Fabric Material 3: Rayon

Rayon is a material made using natural fibers infused with artificial chemicals to create a robust fabric. You will be amazed to know that rayon is more absorbent than cotton or linen, making it more breathable and lighter in weight and therefore comfortable to wear on a hot sunny day. If we go by our experience in the fashion industry, rayon is one of the first choices for fashion influencers and designers alike for its strong advantage of being the most suitable fabric for drapery (especially for heavy drapery) and so it glides smoothly on the body and makes the product look made just for you!

Super-Advantages Of Tri-blend T-shirts

  • Tri-blend uses the top three fabrics of the fashion world to create the most durable, breathable, and comfortable t-shirts.
  • Customized tri-blend t-shirts are super-soft on the body because of the combining of the 50:25:25 ratio of the fabrics. So, your body will not get irritated even after hours of wearing it.
  • Taking care of tri-blend t-shirts is super easy as you only need to wash them in cold or lukewarm water. The shine and newness will be maintained for years.
  • Customized tri-blend t-shirts are super-comfy as they stretch as you use them and go back to shape when un-stretched. This is because polyester fabric gives you the freedom to move as you like. (Did we say that you can wear these tees during your morning jogs, gym sessions, and casual outings, alike!)
  • Tri-blend t-shirts are the best for custom screen printing as they hold the color well and retain the product’s newness.

Tri-blend T-shirts

Custom Printing On A Tri-blend T-shirt

Speaking of custom printing, we want to mention how tri-blend is one of the best choices when it comes to customization. Now, if you are a fan of custom prints, we’ll say you’ll love tri-blend. Why?

Tri-blend is a combination of three unique fabrics, and therefore the result is an incredibly soft fabric that is good for skin and dying both. Tri-blend doesn’t mess with the print design. If anything, tri-blend makes the design look better than on a 100% cotton or 100% polyester tee.

Custom Printing Tri-blend T-shirt


As we conclude, we want to mention that tri-blend is an innovation that made custom design on t-shirts better, durable and breathable. The mix of different fabrics makes it worth a go, and if you trust our instincts, a tri-blend t-shirt has a long way to go.

Therefore, as it is highly sought after these days by the fashionistas, we suggest that you get your design ready and get a customized tee made with tri-blend fabric, and we assure you will not regret your decision.