International Day of Friendship

Sometimes all we need is somebody just to be there. Not to say that we are right or to fix what we did wrong, but to simply show that they are there and they care. That somebody is called a friend. And to celebrate this relationship, we have the International Day of Friendship coming soon, on July 30th.

It is when we tell our friends that they are like family and are important to us. To express gratitude for the love and care you have received, there are many ways amongst which giving your buddy a heartfelt gift is one of the best ways.

While there are many gifting options, we suggest that a gift for your friends must show how thankful you are. And you could do this by getting printed t-shirts for International Day of Friendship.

Here Are Some Great T-Shirt Ideas


The newest trend on the internet these days is to twin with your buddy with the same print t-shirts. This can be the same color, same design, same text, etc. This looks really cool on social media and in selfies for memories. Also, it showers an emotional connection as it does show that you both share the same feelings for each other.

T-Shirt Ideas 1

Complete Each Other

It may look cliched, but on occasions like these, it is a great hit to wear t-shirts with quotes that have a complete meaning when you are together. This shows your genuine approach towards each other and your hope to be together forever. You must get these for the coming July 30th and surprise your friend!

T-Shirt Ideas 2

Witty T-shirt Design

Normal is boring. Make your t-shirt look fun. Friendships are meant to have sarcasm, fun, leg-pulling, and so much more. Let the essence of your friendship come out with a witty slogan.

T-Shirt Ideas 3

Remember the Dates

Yes, you guessed it right! How about a t-shirt that says when you guys became friends? It can be a date, year, place, or occasion. A t-shirt that talks so much is a must-have. After all, this is what makes it fun!

T-Shirt Ideas 4

One for The Bunch

Do you have a group of best friends? Do you want to celebrate this International Day of Friendship with all your friends together? Then you must get t-shirts printed for your whole bunch. This looks stylish and smart. It gives the feeling of togetherness and team spirit. Just imagine a bunch of friends in the same t-shirts having a day at the bar! Dream… isn’t it? Then what are you waiting for!

T-Shirt Ideas 5

Have Your Motives Straight

Don’t say it and let your t-shirt talk. A t-shirt with a slogan that speaks about you is more interesting. When selecting the design for your friendship day t-shirt, quotes matter a lot. They make the mood happy for the occasion and tell a lot about you and your friends. So, select wisely!

T-Shirt Ideas 6


Are you a die-hard fan of the TV series F.R.I.E.N.D.S? Well, then what could be a better time than now to have your favorite show be the print of your friendship day t-shirt. You can select characters, names, dialogues, caricatures, and more from your beloved TV show and let the fun begin!

Sports Tee

If you are not a fan of casual tees and like to go for sports patterns, then we suggest that you opt for one that shows the real you. A t-shirt with a sports design will show that you have a craze for sports and you are a lovely friend. This is not just a smart design but will look so trendy. In fact, you never know you can make the next viral statement with such a t-shirt design for friendship day!

Things You Did Together

You and your friend have many things in common, and that’s what makes the two of you the best friends. There must have been times when you both would have binge-watched some movie or series. A cult or a couple’s favorite. You select and get that printed on your friendship day t-shirt. If you are a minimalist and don’t like big designs or print, go for just the fonts. It is really going to be very good!

T-Shirt Ideas 8

Print Your Selfie

In the hustle-bustle of our busy lives, we often forget the good memories. The coffee party with the first salary or the movie marathon nights. Time makes memories, and memories wash away with time. But one thing you can do to revive your memories. Print a t-shirt with your pictures on it for this friendship day. This will bring back all the old memories and good time spent together.

T-Shirt Ideas 9

Well, those are a few of the ideas that we think will trend this year and years to come. But you can always get something gorgeously innovative as per your choice for the friendship day t-shirt printing. It is a beautiful bond, and one must always care about it. We may not talk to our friends for months, but we should not forget that our friends are the gift that keeps us all happy throughout our lives. We all have friends in different stages of our life. They face our ups and downs with us, laugh with us, hold us when we cry, and push us when we fly. And we think that those who didn’t get the opportunity to make a friend have never seen true happiness.

July 30th is the day to celebrate this beautiful bond and even if you are busy with projects, meetings, and your new life, let your current and old buddies know that you care. Get a t-shirt printed for yourself and your friends this time on International Day of Friendship, wear them, and give them to your friends as gifts because there is nothing more beautiful than a personalized gift!